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An arborist is a person who knows more than you will ever want to know about your trees, and then does something about it. Just like other professions, arborists specialize – in tree care, tree removal, and tree trimming. We also can provide planting and disease treatment in certain cases, or other things you might need for hedge pruning, tree topiary pruning, or defense perimeter creation and maintenance for fire season. We love trees and have years of experience taking care of them, helping our beautiful area maintain and keep our beautiful trees that provide shade, cooling, and health to our city. Let our specialists share their expertise with you and marvel at the results. Our quotes are free, just pick up the phone and call us.

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Tree care in Albuquerque involves a lot more than just taking a pruning saw out and hacking off a couple of branches. Trees are a precious commodity in the desert, and our high desert location makes each one important to the ecosystem we share with regional flora and fauna. Besides providing shade and beautifying our property, trees help clean the air, act as wind and weather breaks, and provide food, shelter, nesting sites, and protection for many species of birds and other native plants, animals, and insects.   Knowing how to properly care for our trees involves being able to assess illness and diseases, possible decay and deterioration, insect infestation, and other challenges. The health of your tree and its need for water or fertilizer or even specific minerals can be shared by our professional tree care teams. Contact us for a free estimate and see how we can help you keep your trees healthy, and keep them longer.

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Tree Removal Albuquerque Requires is not for Amateurs

While we are always glad when we are able to provide quality service to a customer, we are actually relieved when we get a call to remove a problem or downed tree. Too often when we arrive we find a tree that could easily crush a structure, go through a roof, or seriously injure someone inexperienced at dealing with thousands of pounds of dead weight already compromised and “stuck” somewhere.  Since many of our trees are taxed when exposed to our extreme weather, often a tree or large part of one is suspended mid-air, only part way down, or is resting on the side of a structure. We do not want our crews hurt, but more so, we certainly do not want our customers injured or their property further damaged. Let us bring the proper equipment, scale the tree if necessary or use a crane, and get the tree safely off your chimney, fence, or out of another tree fork.  We are licensed, insured, and have years of experience getting trees out of where they do not belong, or away from where they can cause a problem or mess. We will clean up when done, chip what we can for mulch, and leave the large pieces for your splitting if you like. Whether the entire tree has to come down due to disease or damage, or severe salvation pruning due to injury, call Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist for safe, fast, economical tree removal services.

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Trimming is a Regular Tree Service Albuquerque NM Needs Help With

Tree trimming is not an easy job nor one for the faint of heart. Often dangerous and on a ladder, or even up the tree, too often people might get the job done, but not for the best outcome for the tree. Leaving peeled back bark areas or rough snapped stubs results in microbe and insect invasion in your tree. This can lead to insect damage, fungus infections, and many other problems that compromise the health of your beautiful trees. At Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist we know how to trim your trees to eliminate crossed branches or too dense of canopy, allowing more sunlight penetration and air flow through the branches. This reduces wind load, making a safer environment for your tree and nearby structures during wind and ice storms.  Proper trimming can help shape your tree, keeping limbs from over nearby structures and away from things they can fall on. It removes dead branches, diseased areas, and takes pruning selectively so more light filters through, the tree has a healthier growth pattern, and can sustain itself better on the available water and nutrients in an area. We even know how to safely treat and trim cactus. Our experienced tree specialists will prune just what needs done, clean up the debris, and your trees will be healthier for it.

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Paul S
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This is the company to hire, Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist did a great job removing my tree. They were really professional, well equipped, reasonably priced, and fast. Highly recommend this company for tree removal Albuquerque!!! Thank you!
Marcie L
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Great tree service in Albuquerque, was helpful in advising what would be best. Our trees were absolutely dead and could have been harmful to our house. Appreciate the quick response and action!
Joseph Y
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This tree service did a fantastic job. Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist gave us a reasonable quote. Came on time and did great job down to clean up. The guys were very nice and respectful. I would absolutely use Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist again. Very happy! Contact Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist for tree care in Albuquerque
Kevin G
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That's tree service on a job well done. Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist is a very professional expert at what they do. They cut down a 30 ft tree hedge down to about 14 ft. The job went smooth they kept things neat and clean. I have a pool close and was really worried about stuff going in the pool but they made sure not one leaf went in there. Excellent job highly recommend. The best of tree services in Albuquerque nm
Alex C
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Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist did an excellent job trimming our Magnolia Tree that had not been trimmed in about six years. They got back to us with a great price that beat several other quotes and was able to work with our schedule to find a date to trim the tree. Thanks for hooking it up! Call this company for tree removal in Albuquerque
Susan R
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Excellent service and will be recommending to friends and family. Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist conducted themselves with professionalism and efficiency from start to finish. Price was also fair. I will be using them again for any future projects. 5 stars for excellent tree service in Albuquerque!
Karna L
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Great company, great crew, great tree service in Albuquerque. Just an all around great experience. Thank you Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist! If you are looking for a good company definitely give them a call.
Renato I
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Great service and a competitive quote for the job. They came on time and sent pictures of the work. I would definitely recommend their team for tree trimming in Albuquerque!
Chuck R
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Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist provided prompt, fairly priced and professional service. When a planter on the property was broken during tree removal, the workers replaced it. They were responsive to telephone calls and punctual in completing the work. I would definitely hire them again for tree removal in Albuquerque.
Lyman C
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I was very satisfied with the work Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist provided. The estimate was free and the price reasonable. They arrived the day that was promised and hauled away all debris as promised. I would have no reservations about recommending their tree service in Albuquerque to family and friends.

Albuquerque Tree Services Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist Offers

As the premier provider of tree services in Albuquerque NM, Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist offers a variety of arborist and Albuquerque tree care services. Among the most requested are tree removal, tree trimming, and tree care.  Tree removal is not recommended for anyone who is not experienced. Our tree specialist teams have worked in the arborist field for years, and know trees, how they react during pruning, what to look for regarding health and safety issues, and many other things. A large old cottonwood in our area can weigh as much as 50,000 pounds, more than a full semi truck. It is not something to be taken lightly (no pun intended) when you are trying to safely remove it from where it has fallen or needs to be dropped due to disease or damage. We are insured and our years of experience have trained us how to safely bring this elder down, then grind for mulch to recycle it back to the earth. If you prefer, we can leave the larger wood cut to length for your splitting pleasure.

Tree trimming is another thing we do, and it takes many years of experience to know how to trim trees well so there is a positive outcome. Trust us, nobody loves “crape murder” as the unsightly and unhealthy, unnecessary habit of severe chopping to trunk is referred.  You want your tree to look nice, to remain healthy or get healthier, and to work with the surrounding landscape or structures. Trimmed properly most trees will offer little concern during storms, whereas an untrimmed tree with overhanging branches can easily destroy a home, out building, or fence.  This is especially true during dry high desert windy conditions, when some of our trees get brittle and snap easier. Avoid damage and keep your trees healthy with regular pruning and maintenance to keep them in top condition.

Caring for your trees is as important as caring for other parts of your landscaping. By maintaining your trees, the curb appeal goes up on your property and trees add value when you go to sell your home. There needs to be a balance between the trees, other landscaping, and the amount of light and nutrients, insect and weed control, and other things that are part of a beautiful yard. Our tree experts can advise types of trimming that do not lessen the look of your trees, but increases sunlight penetration so your lawn or certain plants can actually grow under the trees. We can recommend a fertilizing regime to help keep your trees healthy, and explain how to watch for dry conditions and when your trees, too, need a drink through slow soaking at the drip line.  Monitoring certain species prone to beetles and other infestation is very important, as damage can occur rapidly and be devastating. Our tree specialists can spot problems, recommend solutions, and offer services to deal with the challenges that can be managed rather than destroy your trees.

Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist is locally owned and operated – Call us for a Free Quote

We are locals and take a lot of pride in helping keep Albuquerque beautiful, cooler, and with cleaner air thanks to our trees. We want our grandkids, just like yours, to know the joy of a big tree swing or laying on their backs in the yard looking up through the sun dappled canopy. Trees are part of our culture, our heritage, and our stories in our region. Call us for a free quote and we will schedule around your time at your convenience. Our tree specialists are all trained and highly experienced, and we pride ourselves on providing quick, reasonably priced, quality service. When you ask around, our recommendations usually comment on our crews’ courtesy and their care in cleaning up the site after trimming, pruning, or tree removal. Just ask tree trimming Oahu, they recommended us to one of their customers who moved to New Mexico and trusts in our abilities. We want to be your first call not just when ice brings a big tree down on your gate, blocking you in, but when you want your trees to be healthy and beautiful on your property. We understand, because we want trees to always be part of the beautiful Albuquerque plateau as well. Call us for your free quote and let’s make your trees a healthy priority that you do not need to take care of yourself. Leave it to the professionals, Certified Albuquerque Tree Specialist.